I bake cookies a lot. A lot. And I always wonder how the same basic ingredients can yield such vastly different results. MAGIC! Then I found this and all my questions were answered. Sort of.

Sunday Inspiration

  People always ask me why I bake so much. Why I stay up late, or make extra trips to Publix, or mess up my kitchen for no good reason. The answer is pretty well captured above. Contrary to popular […]

Lemon Pound Cake

  My 6-year-old daughter is obsessed with Starbucks. Before you call child services on me let me explain. The child has a sweet tooth that won’t quit and she is absolutely in love with their Lemon Pound Cake and Cake […]

Link Love (Manic Monday edition)

What I’m reading today: Guess where the Top Chef finale is? ( …Aaaand someone’s social media team drank too much over the weekend. (Grub Street) Meatless Monday inspiration. (Food Network) Is your diet giving you BO? Ewwwwww… (HuffPo) We’re eating […]


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